Today @ The Gathering: Isn’t It About Time You Moved On to Bigger, Better, Bolder Things?

Today @ The Gathering we continued our summer series, 12 Steps Up. We’ve been talking about how messy people mature over time.

Today we talked about Step #7, Grow Up.  Growing up means I get out of the shallow end of the pool and begin to launch out into deeper things; into bigger, better, bolder things.  Instead of worrying about the small things that used to upset me and sidetrack me, I am now able to endure the stress and the strains of adulthood.

As we celebrate the 4th of July today, remember that millions of people have sacrificed their lives so that we might be free.

Freedom isn’t cheap.  It costs.  And it’s aimed at something; particularly at the freedom from fear.  We don’t have to fear the government. We don’t have to fear being persecuted by our faith.  That freedom is also our responsibility to dream big dreams and to dare things that are beyond us in our childhood; to grow up and to begin to give our attention to big, serious adult things; things that change the world.

Whatever you do, don’t believe the lie that says one life can’t change the world. Don’t tell Abraham Lincoln that.  Don’t tell Martin Luther King, Jr. that.  Don’t tell others who have taken their gifts, talents, and opportunities and leveraged them for the benefit of others.

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