Today @ The Gathering – January 20th

Today @ The Gathering we heard the third installment of our new series, “Finding My Motivation,” with the message entitled “The #1 Sure-fire Cure for Killer Stress.”

The very best gift that God gives those who love Him is to live each and every day in the Trinity of Prosperity, which we defined today as love, joy, and peace.

Love is important because it is our soul’s security. It is the confidence to know that we are always loved. There will never be a day when we are outside of God’s love.

Joy is the soul’s strength. Knowing that I’m loved and nothing can shake that or take that away gives me the freedom of a joy-filled, energetic life.

And peace is the soul’s stress-reliever. When love and joy are attacked from without by circumstances, it is the soul at peace that allows God to do what only God can do. And that is to solve the problem and supply the need.

In the Scriptures, we are told, “do not be anxious about anything.” That covers a really broad spectrum: anything. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it matters to you, it matters to God.

If just affirming these things were all that was needed, then we all would live at peace. How many billions of Christians are there in the world who believe in God’s love, who live in God’s joy, and who know God’s peace? It’s the fact that these very core realities are attacked every single day; not only from without, but from within.

For example we develop self-defeating mindsets. We dealt with three of them today.
1. F.U.D.: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt lead our lives to be stagnant.
2. F.O.P.: Fear of people, which causes us to live in intimidation.
3. F.O.F.: Fear of future, which leaves us isolated.

One of the major points made today was that these self-defeating mindsets have to be displaced and not replaced. If you take at the core of your heart, your dominating thought pattern, you leave a vacuum and something else will come in to takes its place.

Stress is displaced in three ways:
1. When I remember that my past is forgiven.
2. When I remember my present makes sense.
3. When I remember my future is secure.

Be sure and join us next week when we talk about “The 4 Most Draining Thoughts a Human Can Have.”

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