Today @ The Gathering: Jesus Doesn’t Work For Me

We continued our present series “They Promised Me Chocolate: The True Confessions of a Disappointed Christian.”

Nothing is more disconcerting than being disappointed with God. And yet, how many people are?  Even people who claim to be Christians don’t seem to really be enjoying their life with God.  Part of that stems from the assumptions that we’ve been taught, the things we’ve been promised, what I call the over-hyping of God.

The truth of the matter is this: Jesus doesn’t work for you. By that I mean He doesn’t reorient the center of the world around you for your wellbeing.  God doesn’t move to us.  We move to Him.  And as such, we need to understand that a life with God is on His terms, not our own.

Today we talked about some of the misconceptions; the five best things God never said: things we’ve been promised that God is never going to deliver on they simply aren’t true and would be harmful if applied.

If you know someone who is living with disappointment in their relationship with God; that God feels distant and non-responsive, this would be the talk to listen to.  You can either listen right here on my blog, or go to iTunes and subscribe.

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