Today @ The Gathering – June 1

Today @ The Gathering we continued in our current series “You Got Great Potential” with installment number three dealing with targeted energy.

In this series, we are dealing with the how-to’s of reaching your potential. All of us have it. The question is, are you living up to it right now? And if you’re not, how do you stay on the path? What are the essentials of living an extraordinary life?

This weekend we talked about targeted energy, the idea of doing fewer things; of targeting our energy rather than being roped into the myth of more.

One of the things that destroys our drive is we keep doing things under a set of assumptions that don’t work. It’s like riding a dead horse. It’s never going to take us anywhere, even though we’re going through all the right motions. We talked about the three aspects of dismounting a dead horse.

1. Realize that you don’t have to fix everything.
2. Realize you don’t have to please everyone.
3. Realize you don’t have to jump at every opportunity. There will be more coming in the future.

We also dealt with the three myths of more.
1. Hurry is not a sign of importance.
2. Stuff, and gaining more of it, is not a sign of significance.
3. Weariness is not a sign of progress.

We learned about the genius of the few. First, making a serious personal assessment of our abilities. The Scriptures tell us to think of ourselves soberly. We talked about recognizing our stress capacity, and also figuring out where we f.i.t.t.

If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, this would be one to download and figure out how to find out where you f.i.t.t., and how you maintain your drive over time.

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