Today @ The Gathering – June 15

Today @ The Gathering we continued in the series, “You Got Great Potential,” with the message “Can I Have Your Business Card?” We talked about how extraordinary people multiply their efforts.

We started off being challenged to think of the possibilities. You can make one of these four choices in the way you engage the world:
1. You can be a Do-It-Yourself person, which means you’re going to have a limited impact on life but you also cut down on a lot of frustration because it will only be you doing what you can do, fixing what you can fix, expending as mush energy as you have and then being done. It’ll be small, it may even be short, but life will be much neater this way because you won’t spend all your time blaming all those other people who let you down or betrayed you, because you will indeed be an army of one.
2. You can ask for help. This is a difficult option because you’ll have to admit that you need help. And who of us wants to swallow our pride and admit that we’re not king of the world?
3. You can enlist a team. This takes longer initially. All those personalities, those people, and agendas. But it’s the team who gets the job done. In sports no single player, no matter how good they are, can ever win the game alone.
4. If you really want to go crazy you can join a movement.

As you move down this list, your potential for impact increases. It’s a way to multiply your single effort by ten, or twenty, or even a thousand.

We also talked about getting a business card to carry with us to exchange with other people, to make connections, write down names, numbers, and emails to remember. Make the connection. Form a friendship. It’s contact, engage, enlist, equip, and deploy. This is the way we do life with others as leaders. And that’s exactly what you are.

We also heard about the 3 kinds of people you can’t avoid, and the 4 kinds of people you need in your life. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and do not miss this timely talk.

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