Today @ The Gathering – November 18th

Today @ The Gathering we continued the series entitled “Everything Begins With a Dream,” with “Day 4: The Day You Steal a Brain.”

In real life there are three ways that we learn and advance. We learn from our own mistakes, oftentimes we fail to learn from our mistakes, and then we can learn from the mistakes of others. That’s the day when we realize that we don’t have to have all the experiences, good or bad, in order to get smarter, stronger, and wiser.

Today we heard about the ten qualities of great dreamers through the ages, as contained in the pages of Scripture. We talked about things like faith, humility, integrity, courage, optimism, decisiveness, wisdom, passion, enthusiasm, and vision; all qualities of great dreamers. At the heart of the matter, God is more interested in the work He’s doing in us than the work He’s doing through us.

The question for each of us is, “How will we invest our time in the pursuit of something great and beyond our own talent? If all a relationship with Jesus Christ is, is getting a ticket punched to heaven and avoiding hell, then why do we live such long lives after the moments of our conversion?” It is because we’ve been put in the world to redeem and restore what has gone wrong with the world. We are the solution that we see.

So what dream are you pursuing that fills a need, lifts a load, rights a wrong; a dream that is beyond your ability, and will take God to show up in order to achieve? It’s your choice, whether you live a common, ordinary life as a victim, or an inspiring life of a great achiever, who is a victor in Christ.

Make sure, if you haven’t this week, to stop by and participate. You’ll be glad you did.

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