Today @ The Gathering – November 25th

Today @ The Gathering we continued the series entitled “Everything Begins With a Dream,” with “Day 5: The Day You Get Picky: How to find and form your own dream team.

Here is the bottom line: Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. You will eventually become like the people you hang around. You’ll rise no higher than the level of those around you. So it’s really important to get picky, especially when it comes to the people you hang around with; the people you share your deepest secrets with.

Think of it. Even Jesus, the Son of God, our Savior went out to a mountain to spend the night praying. What was he praying about? He was praying about the next day, when he would choose his inner circle of twelve, called his disciples. And even that circle of twelve was divided into three groups of four.

You cannot be fully human and fully spiritual without the involvement of the right kind of people in your life. Life is definitely not a solo sport. Nothing in life has meaning outside of relationships; no job, no work, no sacrifice, or no object of attainment ever comes without the meaning that’s attached to it through the powerful relationships of our lives.

Oftentimes we as Christians get confused just because Jesus said that we’re to love others as ourselves, and that we’re to never use any discrimination or judgment of whom we let into our inner circle.

There are those people out there who we deal with every day. They’re the people we are to love, believing that everyone we come into contact with is a person worthy of God’s love, and hurting somewhere.

There are also those who come a little closer to home; the people who are on our team. Those are the people we gather together with to achieve a task. Oftentimes as you know, we have little in common with these people except the task itself.

Then there is what I call our inner circle, our dream team: those few people we let into our personal lives. These are the people we need to choose very carefully.

Check out the three questions, we need to ask of those we choose to be in our inner circle. We also identified the 3 kinds of poisonous people we need to avoid.

If you feel dread about going to work tomorrow, it may not be the work, but the workers. To help change this, today, draw a distinction between those on your team (a task motivated group) and those in your inner circle.

Next week we continue with Day 6: The Day You Get Desperate.

Check out the pod cast and visit the web site to continue the learning experience.

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