Today @ The Gathering – October 12

Today @ The Gathering we continued our new series entitled, “Mastering My Emotional Monsters” what to do when you don’t feel the way you want to.  During today’s message, part two, we talked about “What To Do When You Feel Lonely.”

During these kinds of uncertain times, both political and economic, we need each other more than ever.  And yet the tendency to be isolated and stay home, to pull in and to close in and to try to protect yourself is more prominent than ever.  It’s the worst thing we can do.

The key to our society and culture’s future is to be able to build and maintain trusting relationships over time.   There are forces – evil forces among us that want to keep us apart, want to keep us isolated, living in apartments together, yet alone.

Today we talked about the key to building the kind of networks, support, and community that are absolutely necessary, and always have been at the heart of God.

We learned the 3-step cure for loneliness:
1.    You must start showing up.
2.    You must inconvenience yourself.
3.    You must identify what you want and then give it away.

If you’re wondering what the best thing you can do to get us through this crisis, the very best thing you can do is gather with other people seeking the face of God and learning His ways.  Listen to today’s message again and share it with your friends and family.  And you’ll find the courage to reach up to God and seek an authentic relationship based on faith through grace, and reach out to others in spite of the fear of rejection.

This is an exciting series and you won’t want to miss next week’s message, “What To Do When You Feel Betrayed.” If you know someone who can benefit from this series, just send them to iTunes to subscribe so they can have them downloaded straight to their iPod or computer .  At iTunes they can get a video or an audio version.

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