Today @ The Gathering – October 14

Today @ The Gathering we continued in our current series “7 Lies of Organized Religion,” with installment #6 entitled, “The Bible was OK then, but we know better now.”

We talked about three current views of Scripture.

1. Some people view the Bible as an outdated book of rules. Who can blame them when you think of all the negative stuff that comes from religious people bent on having their own way? The Bible has been used to prove or disprove religious opinion over the century and it has come to be looked at as negative and out of date.

2. Some view the Bible as a composite of biased opinions. People who interpret Scripture do so oftentimes for their own self-justification or self-serving ideas. So people assume the idea that Scriptures just must be whatever you think they are and how you want to interpret them in your context.

3. Some people view the Bible as a religious artifact. In other words, just information about what happened long ago that really has no relative connection to my life here and now. And yet the Scriptures themselves claim to be able to change the heart of those who really embrace and engage its truth.

We took a 22-step journey as a rational reason to believe that the Bible is indeed God’s word. It would be worth listening to in the podcast.

We finished with the six reasons why we can trust the Scripture in our lives everyday. At the end of the day, that’s really the litmus test; does it say anything to modern life? It was Solomon who said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” And truly the plight and blights of humanity are all covered in the Scripture. There is nothing new under the sun. As Malcom Muggeridge, the British journalist said, “News is old things happening to new people.”

If you are looking for reasons to trust the Scriptures as a foundation on which to build your life; then make sure you listen to today’s talk.

The 7 Lies series comes to a close next week when we begin talking about suffering and how we explain why bad things happen to good people for no apparent reason.

Our new series, “Everything Begins With A Dream” begins on October 28. This will a life-changing series as we learn about the 7 days in the life of a big, scary, audacious dream.

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