Today @ The Gathering – October 28th

Today @ The Gathering we began a brand new series entitled “Everything Begins With a Dream.”

During this 8-part series we’ll be talking about the 7 days in the life of a big, scary, audacious dream; the 7 days that can take your life from boring to amazing, realizing that God placed you here for a purpose, and wants you to pursue and achieve great things.

Today we talked about “Day 1: The Day You Burn the Lazyboy.”

We talked about the three options you have in life:

1. You can be drowned by your dreads.
2. You can be driven by your schemes.
3. You can be drawn by your dreams.

How sad it is that often the older we get, the less we dream; the more we hope or aspire. But remember dreaming, achieving great things for God, has nothing to do with age. You’re never too old to dream a new dream. You’re never too young to begin. Remember, getting older is a privilege. Getting old is a choice.

We also defined what kind of dreams we’re talking about; not just any type of dream that we might think about. For example dreaming is not about new cars or new houses or material things. It’s about something much, much bigger than that.

So here is what we mean by big, scary, audacious dreams. There are three qualifications:

1. The big, scary, audacious dream is far bigger than me and my resources at this moment.
2. It is doomed for failure without divine favor.
3. A big, scary, audacious dream dares to change the status quo. It’s the kind of dream that finds a need and fills it, finds a wrong and rights it, and sees a hurt and heals it. It changes things. It advances the good. Its results are all out of proportion to its initial beginnings.

Remember, everything begins. Every business, every product; countries, nations rise and fall on the dreams of those who initiate: the founders the pioneers. You could be one. Make sure you join us for each of these 7-day installments. And be sure to visit and list your own dreams and regrets.

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