Today @ The Gathering – October 5

Today @ The Gathering we began a brand new series entitled, “Mastering My Emotional Monsters” what to do when you don’t feel the way you want to.

I’m always sad to see one series go, in this case, “Chasing Balance.” What a great time we had discovering the seven positive principles that you can apply right now, in the pressure-cooker we’re all living in.

Now we begin a brand new series that really dove-tails on the past to help us know what to do during crisis times when people tend to be emotional and irrational.  Today we began with “The Top 6 Emotional ‘Musts,’” the things that I absolutely must do in order to not just get control of my emotions, but to build strong emotional muscle.  And that’s really what we want to do.  That’s the key to understanding emotions.

We started the day by asking you to identify which you are:

1.    Are you a feeling, acting, thinking person?
2.    Are you an acting, feeling, thinking person?
3.    Are you a thinking, acting, feeling person?

Here’s why it’s important to identify.  You cannot feel your way into acting, but you can act your way into feeling.  And the feeling that you get from the right actions that you take, then become the motive and motivation to continue the pattern.  And when you become a thinking, acting, feeling person over time, you build emotional muscle.

We talked about the six musts of emotional strength.  Look at these and see where you stand.

1.    I must bully my body.
2.    I must master my motivation.
3.    I must watch my words.
4.    I must manage my money.
5.    I must take control of my time.
6.    I must restrain my responses.

This is going to be an exciting series and it was great to see so many new faces today at The Gathering.  These are truly exciting times.  If you know someone who can benefit from this series, just send them to iTunes to subscribe so they can have them downloaded straight to their iPod or computer .  At iTunes they can get a video or an audio version.

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