Today @ The Gathering – September 30

Today @ The Gathering we continued in our series “7 Lies of Organized Religion,” with installment #4 entitled, “Bottom line: we’re in this mess because of women.”

This was an incredibly important talk, because historically women have not fared very well in religious terms. There are many religions that believe that women are inferior to men and really only find their identity in men. There are certain religions, even popular ones among us, that teach that cannot enter into heaven other than under the approval and authority of a man.

It really is a shame how women have been treated and how religious bullies have twisted the truth in order to make women feel inferior. It certainly has to have some expression in our modern culture where women basically are viewed as things. This is not so with God.

The message today was broken down into two different sections: How it’s Been, and How it Is. How it’s been begins with a lie that says women are spiritually inferior and must bow to the authority of men. So under the influence of religion women have been viewed as inferior to men, and in some cases, actually the property of men. Women are only good for having children and staying home and serving their men.

Now I would never discount the importance of children. And I certainly applaud women who make the choice to stay home to raise their children. What a great calling and a great task! But I also know there are many women who don’t have that privilege, either the financial where-with-all, or the support it would take.

So which is more important for a woman to do? Have children, stay home, and raise them? Or have children and push ahead in their career? Or not have children? To get married? Stay single? All these issues call for balance and right interpretation. And that is exactly what has not happened when it comes to religion and women.

This is an important talk and it would be worth it, if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, to download it and have discussion among your friends, family members, or study group.

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