Today @ The Gathering: Step Two – Look Up: How to Give God the One and Only Thing He Wants

What does God want from you?  If you listen to a lot of religious talk, you’ll get an endless list of: your house, your car, your life, your money, your kids – everything.  And often times you’ll leave confused thinking, “Why did God give me all these things if he only wants them back?” The truth is, God only wants one thing, and one thing alone.  And that is your trust.

So today we talked about how to Look Up.  Not look up to the stars or the sky, or look up to some small-g god, but look up to the God Who created you and redeemed you.

That leads us to the question: “What do you believe in?” We talked about the four choices that you have: I believe in me, I believe in nothing, I believe in everything, I’m a truth-seeker.

This is an important issue, for no one is a Christian because they’re a Christian.  At least, they shouldn’t claim to be. The truth is, Jesus Christ was very clear about his truth claims, that He and The Father are One, He is God incarnate; that He is our one and only God, Lord, and Savior.  We need to embrace Him that way, or not at all.

We gave the options you have when it comes to Christ; you have to choose one and then live with it.

Then we talked about the three demands God makes on your life before a genuine connection is made.  We talked about what they were and how to make them work for you.

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