Today @ The Gathering: Why Believing and Belonging is Not Enough

Today @ The Gathering we continued our series “12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature” with Step 3: Line Up.

Here is the problem most people have with religion and spiritual things. They believe it’s just about believing certain things: “I believe certain things about God, certain truth statements about Jesus, certain confessions and admissions about my life and the lives of others.”  And they think that’s enough.  Believing is not enough. It has never been enough.  It will only make you miserable.  Believing stuff you don’t live out in the real world is just another weight.

So today we talked about lining our lives up – alignment.  We know what alignment’s about.  Get in a car where the wheels are out of alignment and the car will shake you to death, wear out the tires, and ruin the experience.  It will also ultimately destroy the whole vehicle.  Just one tire out of alignment is all it takes.  Misalignment over time equals misery.

So this morning we talked about how to bring your life into alignment.  We’ve talked about Wake Up, we’ve talked about Look Up, and today we talked about Line Up.

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