Today @ The Gathering: Why You Constantly Do Dumb Stuff When You Know Better

Today @ The Gathering we talked about Step #4 in the 12 Steps Up series: Lighten Up.  We talked about why we often carry around burdens that weigh us down, rob us of our joy, leave us feeling lethargic with no energy, and thinking that it’s just a physical problem not realizing it has a spiritual origin.

Today we talked about how to let go of things in your past; things inside that drive you, that often cause you to act in ways that are against your own self-interest.  Contrary to popular opinion, it is not the burden of an average day that robs you of your joy.  It’s carrying and dragging yesterday’s hurts and resentments along with tomorrow’s dreads and fears that crushes our souls.

In this talk today, we dealt with the things that drive us: things like unfulfilled promises, unfinished business, unrealized potential, uncelebrated service, unresolved anger, and unaccepted acceptance.  If you or someone you know is longing to look below the surface to understand how to clear away the clutter and the stuff that drag us down and keep us down, this talk is for you.

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