Tomorrow @ The Gathering – How to Get Ready to Change for Good

If there is one constant about life, it’s change.  Some people change for the better; others change for the worse.  Which it is, is always a choice.

So this weekend as we continue our series “12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature,” we’re going to talk about how to embrace change; the deep kind of change that comes from a spiritual awakening inside our soul.  The kind of change that gets us out of old ruts and allows us to look at life in new ways.

The one thing I’ve found working with people with all kinds of addictions over the years, is that change is a fearful thing for a person who is hiding deep in shame.  It’s the secrets of the past.  It’s the old ways that need to be protected because as bizarre as it may sound, and as painful and destructive as those ways are, at least they are known and in some way, safe.

It’s odd to think that some people would opt for being miserable when they could be happy.  It’s weird to think that some people would rather spend their life in a dark room hiding from the truth rather than embracing it, and as Jesus promised, be set free from it or even by it.

If you know someone who is facing change, lots of change, and they want to embrace it, they want to learn how to change for good, this weekend at The Gathering is for you.

Don’t just tell them about The Gathering.  That’s informing.  Call them. Text them.  Say, “Listen I will be by to pick you up.  We’ll go to Starbucks or McDonald’s,” or brunch, or wherever.  There are over 245 restaurants within a five-mile radius of where we meet in the Cool Springs area.

So this weekend could be the weekend when everything changes for you and someone you know.

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