Tomorrow @ The Gathering – 12 Steps Up – Step 4: How to Let Go of What’s Keeping You Down

If you’ve ever felt like you’re dragging the weight of the world behind you, you’re not the only one. We tend to do that, We tend to collect things over time that weigh our lives down; not just physically in our homes, but also spiritually in our souls.

This weekend at The Gathering we’re going to be talking about how to Lighten Up.  It’s step #4 in the 12 Steps Up: How Messy People Mature.

Step #1, Wake Up: we admitted that we’re powerless.  Step #2, Look Up: we’ve come to believe that God knows us, loves us, and cares what happens to us. And last week we talked about Line Up; that we bring our life into alignment with the things we have come to believe, and the One we’ve come to trust.

This week, is a natural progression.  We Lighten Up.  As we’ve looked up and aligned our lives with the One who loves us, we then are free to let go of the old baggage; the baggage of past disappointments, regrets, hurts, betrayals – you know the story.

If you know someone who’s struggling to let go of the past in order to turn and embrace the future, this weekend at The Gathering would be a great time to introduce them to this unique gathering of men and women who come together around our common pain, and who stay together around our common hope.

At The Gathering we specialize in God simple, not church complicated.  Which simply means there is a God who loves messy people;  you’re messy, and God loves you as you are, not as you ought to be.

Join us at one of our two services, 9:00 & 10:30 AM.  Let us help you make the connection that could change everything about your life.

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