Tomorrow @ The Gathering We’ll Talk About the Four-Letter Word Called “Sex”

Sex is a part of our everyday life because it is literally everywhere: advertisements, scandals, surveys, all the things pointed to try to help us understand this powerful idea.

Tomorrow as we continue our series on “Accept No Mediocre Marriage,” we’re going to talk about the six stupid sex myths that drive us crazy and keep us apart.

There are some people who believe that talking about sex should be kept out of Sunday morning.  I say it’s too powerful, too prevalent, and too abused to ignore God’s teaching on this beautiful gift that God has given His Creation.

Join us tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:30 as we continue on this journey to see marriage from God’s perspective, to understand how we can go from an average marriage to an amazing marriage, how stuck marriages can get unstuck, how good marriages can become great, and how we can grow great relationships over time.

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