Tomorrow @ The Gathering: What’s So Important That We Should Be Married, Must Be Married, and Must Stay Married, or Something Amazing Will Be Missed?

I was more than a little stunned this week when The Tennessean came out with an article saying that marriages have dropped 30% in the state of Tennessee; not just Tennessee, but in the entire South.  People are opting to live together without marriage.

The question is, why?  Why has marriage lost its appeal? Or maybe it’s appealing, but we’re just scared.

People say we’re afraid of commitment.  I think it’s something deeper than that.  We don’t understand that marriage is more than just sex, having kids, and living in the same house. Much more.  And that idea is what we’ll talk about this weekend @ The Gathering: Are you married and advancing toward your B.S.A.D. ?

Also, check out the David and Paula Show this week where we talked about David and Paula’s Rules for Dating and commented on Bobby Bowden’s newest book, Called to Coach.

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