Tomorrow @ The Gathering: When Trust is Betrayed, What Can You Do?

Join us tomorrow @ The Gathering when we’ll continue with installment #3 of our current series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage – The 10 Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Say, ‘I Do.’”

What air is to the body, trust is to a relationship.  What money in the bank is to your ability to function financially, trust is to your ability to be married and healthy at the same time.

Tomorrow we’ll be dealing with 4 truths about trust that we tend to neglect. We’ll be talking about the 5 levels of trust, and also the 5 levels of distrust, and how couples often get married before the have built their trust reserves to a sufficient amount to make the kind of commitment marriage requires.

We’ll talk about how to make trust deposits and describe those things that become trust withdrawals.  If you desperately want your marriage to work and you want to get unstuck, this weekend could change everything for you.

How about this?  Bring someone with you to either the 9:00 or 10:30 service.  This could be the day everything turns around in your marriage.  Remember, this is the most important relationship in your life outside your relationship with God.  When it works, it’s like heaven.  When it doesn’t, you can fill in the blank.

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