Tomorrow @ The Gathering: Why Religious Doctrine and Certain Beliefs Don’t Work

The world is with religious people who have a lot of beliefs.  Statistics tell us that upward of 90 per cent of people believe in God.  We are religious despite the few dissenting voices among us.

The question is not, “are we religious?”  The question is, “Does our religion work, or do we have to work it?” This weekend we’re going to talk about why going to church, believing certain things, embracing certain doctrine, and giving assent to certain values don’t necessarily bring about change.

We’ve talked about ‘Wake Up,” how important that is to admit that we’re powerless to change our nature.  We’ve also talked about “Look Up,” that God indeed is not only our Creator, but our source of hope and redemption.  This weekend, we’ll talk about “Line Up;” why it’s important to do more than just wake up and look up.  You have to line up.  We’ll talk about why and how to bring your life in alignment with your beliefs.

Bottom line, if God’s not working for you, that’s a good thing.  Hopefully you’re at a place in your life where you’re sick and tired of just being religious and you want a life-changing, earth-shattering encounter with God.  It is possible and you can have it, no, the truth is, you need it as much as the air you breathe.  Come to The Gathering in the morning and we’ll talk about it.

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