Tomorrow @ The Gathering: You Attract What You Are

IG_IconWe’re coming to the end of our current series, “Inspire Greatness.” I’ve been very gratified by the feedback.  It’s exciting to see people really get beyond the survival/victim mode to a place where they really believe that using their everyday lives and everyday efforts they can inspire other people to a higher place.

We’re really going to hit the sweet spot this weekend by talking about how we attract the right kind of people in our lives.

This is really important, particularly for those of you who are looking to get married.  What you are thinking is, you’re asking God to bring Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect into your life; that somehow you will see this right person and the light will come on and you’ll know this is a potential marriage made in heaven.  If that’s what you believe you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Maybe you’re a person who is looking for a new job or career, and you’re searching out there and sending your resume to just the right place. Maybe you’re a person who works your day’s work and then goes home to an apartment somewhere, orders in pizza and sits on the couch and watches TV until you fall asleep, cursing the world simply because you don’t have any friends. Maybe you’ve been divorced more than once and you wonder why you can’t find a good person.

Maybe it’s wake-up time, time to realize you attract what you are.  Instead of trying to look in the right place for the right people or person to marry, or the right woman for you, you need to focus all of your attention on being the right kind of person. The right kind of person attracts the right kind of person.

You attract what you are. If you are a loser, look around you and see who you’ve attracted into your life.  If you are a chronic complainer, listen to the people’s conversation.  If you’re damaged and wounded, what do you do?  You attract people and then run them off with your weirdness.

If you’re sick and tired of shallow, short-term, meaningless relationships, and you’re ready to attract winners around you, then this weekend is for you.  I’ll teach you right out of the Scriptures the three important roles that you play as you seek to bring the right people around you.  And let’s be honest, without people, you’re going to fail.  It doesn’t matter how well-educated you are, connected, what your parents did, you are going to succeed in direct proportion to the kind of people you’re able to attract and be around you over time.

No one succeeds without great people on your side, loving you, being generous to you, and creating goodwill.  If you don’t know how to do it, this weekend is a great time for you to be at The Gathering @ 9:00 and 10:30.  You’ll be glad you did. We’ll teach you how to make the connections that could change your world forever.

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