Way Too Blessed to be Depressed

Have you ever been looking for a sign, not just any sign, but a sign from God to help pull you out of the funk you’ve gotten yourself in? Well, after spending the weekend moving Paige into UT Chattanooga, and facing one of the hardest moments any parent has to face; that is, driving away and leaving your baby in a strange place. I slipped into this funk, you know, that place you go to and have no reason being because all evidence points in the opposite direction in which your feelings are going.

Well I was that way until I saw a sign, a simple sign, a cliché to be sure: but a sign that simply said, “I’m way too blessed to be depressed.” For some reason that was the signal, the word, the message from God that I needed. I am way too blessed to be depressed. So I sat down to make a list not of all the things I’ve lost, but of all the things I’ve gained; not of all the things that have been taken away, but of all the things that have been handed over to me as gifts from God and other people who have walked into my life and proven themselves to be true and faithful. Particularly during dark times when you’re embarrassed and all the things you’ve worked hard for have seemingly been taken away.

All of us go through hard times, some of us more publicly than others. We all have periods in which everything we do seems to succeed, and others when everything we do seems to fail. The only constant in those periods is who or what we trust. If we trust in our own performance, we will fail. If we trust in the faithfulness of others at all times, we’ll be disappointed. But if we trust God and His unfailing love, if we lean on His grace, mercy and love, there will never be a time when we are depressed.

Whatever you are going through right now, trust God. Lean the full weight of your life on Him. Trust Him to make right the things that are wrong. Let Him keep score. Let Him get who needs to be gotten. Focus forward on the good things He has in store.

But those good things can be missed if you slip into a subtle habit of blaming, naming, shaming, and of retreating with self-loathing. For the things for which you need to be forgiven, ask forgiveness. Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. If you’re tired, take Jesus’ invitation when He said, “Come unto me that labor and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” Rest up. Pray up. Don’t be depressed. Regain your strength and stamina for another go at the prize. You’re nowhere near done. God has an amazing future just ahead. If you look at the past and see His faithfulness to bring you to this moment, you too will understand you are way too blessed to be depressed.

I have three questions rolling over in my brain. Maybe they will help you.

1. If you could do anything in the whole world, and you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?

2. If you could attempt something so great for God and people you were doomed for failure unless God showed up, what would you attempt?

3. What is your one thing, your voice, the thing that fills you up with joy, a thing you love to do?

You have it. It’s there. It’s God’s gift. All the world conspires to take it away. But if you’ll trust it, lean into it, and embrace it, you’ll see that God’s blessings are always available for those who are willing to take them. This is your day. Stand up, lean in, and go for God’s best.

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