We Both Brought Our Baggage Into the Marriage, so We Give Each Other Plenty of Grace: Tomorrow @ The Gathering

Tomorrow @ The Gathering we’ll continue our brand new series, “Accept No Mediocre Marriage – The 10 Things They Don’t Tell You Before You Say, ‘I Do,’” with issues that relate to our family of origin.

When you marry another person, you not only marry that person, but you marry their family history as well – good or bad.  So this weekend at The Gathering we’re going to be talking about why it is so hard to leave behind family pain and disappointments.  Why do we often duplicate the same weird, bizarre, self-destructive behavior that we’ve seen in our families? And why do we long for the kind of love and support in ways that are destructive rather than doing them God’s way?

All of us have been wounded by our families; some on purpose, others simply by doing the best they knew, and falling short.

If you know someone who is reeling from past family history, maybe living in blended families, figuring out how to make it work, what is it that families really do and what happens when they fail to do the very things that we desperately need them to do, you’ll find answers and direction this weekend at The Gathering.

Also a note to all of The Gathering family who attend our 10:30 service: if it’s possible to attend the 9:00 service, it will be much appreciated. There is still room at the 9:00, but the 10:30 is almost completely overflowing.

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