We said goodbye to a great man this morning: a life we’ll never be able to get over

After a brave and valiant fight, my good friend Hal Wilson passed away this morning into eternity.  And he is, at this moment, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Hal Wilson was a great man in every stretch of the imagination:  good father, great husband, the kind of friend you only pray you might have one day.

When I say “great” I mean it.  Here are the things, to me, that made Hal great:

  • Hal always smiled, leaned forward and shook your hand, like a guy who was interested in you first.
  • Hal was incredibly positive; not Pollyana positive, but real-world positive: the kind of guy who was infectious.
  • Hal loved his wife Dickie with great passion and faithfulness.
  • Hal loved his children and always spoke of them with a smile to me.
  • Hal loved to ride motorcycles, Harleys of course – nothing but the best.
  • Hal was a great businessman and had a reputation for not only being smart, but for being good and fair.
  • Hal never complained publicly.  Even in the last days when a group of us gathered in Hal’s home and he was in excruciating pain, he never complained.
  • Hal built a business and left a legacy.
  • Hal used business not only to build an income and a living, but to help other people.
  • Hal was not only employed, but he helped employ other people and create wealth that would bless others.
  • Hal was a godly man who was willing to let his faith show through his life.
  • Hal reached out to me and loved me well as a friend.
  • At a particularly down moment in my life when people I counted on walked away, Hal and Dickie stayed, and supported and loved.

Well I could go on and on, but you get the point.  He was a great man who inspires me to greatness.

Goodbye, Hal.  You may be enjoying your eternal reward, but we will always miss you.  We will never forget you.  Most of all, we’ll never get over you.

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