What Women Wish Men Knew About Women – Today, on the David and Paula Show

Men and women are different, if you haven’t noticed, very different.  And that difference goes way beyond our physical make up and reaches deep into our soul.  So it’s not automatic that we understand how to relate to each other; that is, men to women.  Even if you are married to the woman of your dreams, you’re still going to have to have some insight into the female soul and psyche.

So today on The David and Paula Show, we’re going to talk about what women wish men knew about how women want to be loved, to be treated, and to be related to.  If you’re having struggles or if you need to grow in your ability to relate to your wife, this is the show for you.

Just click this link and join us at 10 AM Central.  If you miss the show today you can go to iTunes and subscribe.  Just search for the David and Paula Show.

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