When are you going to stop trying to fix this by yourself?

We are in, no doubt, perilous times.  What we’re going through is a major transition of the way we do business in America.

This means that more people than usual are under financial pressures. Those financial pressures also show up in relationship strains where marriages and families enter into conflicts that oftentimes cause them to drift apart.

One of the things I see more and more in the lives of people I’m trying to help, is people trying to fix their lives alone.  Husbands, wives,  yet while married are trying to fix their financial/relationship crises without the participation of their mate.  Children are trying to make it on their own without the support and advice of their parents. More and more people are opting to stay home on Sunday mornings rather than going and engaging in worship in a church community where love, grace, service and help are high-held values.

So here’s what I’m saying.  Everything is fixable. Yes, I said it.  Everything is fixable – even your financial crisis, your marriage crisis, your relationship with your children, this sense of panic and alone-ness that you feel.  It’s fixable.  But it is not fixable alone.  My question is this: when are we going to stop trying to do the very thing God tells us can’t be done? And that is to live alone, love alone, and succeed at life alone.

You’re going to need help and here’s the good news. There are tons of people out there who would love to help you. But you’re going to have to open yourself up and ask for the help.  You’re going to have to give  up your pride and suffer whatever humiliation you need to reach out and ask for help.  Husbands, help your wives.  Wives, help your husbands. Parents, help your children.  Children, help your parents. Churches, be less interested in building buildings and organizations and let’s start helping each other, walking with each other, meeting with each other, encouraging each other, advising each other.

I’m a firm believer that every one of us needs models, mentors, and motivators. Who are the models, mentors, and motivators in your life?  What are their names?  When do you meet with them?  How do they support you?

No, you can’t fix your life overnight.  You can’t even fix it over time, alone.  But with help and support.  The systems that God Himself has put into place to create a better world are all available.  All you have to do is reach out and ask for help, and you’ll get it.

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