When Will the Children Pay Off?

Last week my wife Paula had to have foot surgery. It was nothing major, but serious enough that recuperation time was more than a few days. One of the things that stuck out to me during this time was how our three daughters have responded to their mother’s surgery.

You need to know that these four women are incredibly close, and our daughters are all in their twenties – early, mid, to late, and they are all very strong-willed, independent people.

But the thing that really impressed me was how they stuck together, how they would come around their mother to love her and support her, and to care for her.

And what’s really amazing is, I’ve seen all four of their personalities expressed during this time in a very unique and loving way. They are very different and their love is expressed very differently. But the power and the impact of it are undeniable.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because maybe you’re wondering when the kids are going to pay off. If you think about it financially, the answer is probably never. If you’re thinking about the power of a relationship, and the closeness and intimacy and having them in your life forever, the answer is, very soon, sooner than you know.

The same kids who frustrate you, who cost you money, time, and aggravation; the same kids that you’re taking from game to game, and place to place, the same kids that make you feel like you’re an amateur chauffeur will one day be the adults that will be with you during the surgeries of your future.

I thank God that He saw fit to let me speak for Him, but more important, I thank God that He gave me the privilege of being a father. It’s the greatest adventure and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. So if you’re a little frustrated right now, hold on. It’ll all pay off more than you can measure or even imagine!

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