Where have all the innovative leaders gone? Someone please tell me.

Today I have a question I’d love to have your answer to, or your input, or your take, whichever.  Where have all the innovative leaders gone?

Some would say, “Well, they’re in the tech world.”  Well, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree with that because there’s a tremendous amount of innovation going on, particularly in the mobile space.  Almost all tech blogs today are consumed with talking about iPhones, SmartPhones, Androids, and the like.

But I’m talking about innovative leadership as it relates to government, industry, and most of all, to the American Church.

I am a pastor.  And I can say for the first time in my life, I love it.  I am a part of the second church Paula and I have started in the last 20 years.  And I am having a ball.  I love every minute of it.  I’m engaged, I’m reading books, going to conferences, and seeing what there is to offer out there in terms of innovation.  Here is a guy who started back in the John R. Rice and Jack Hyles days.  And if you don’t know who those guys are, you don’t need to know.

Here’s what I’m seeing in the American Church: a lot of imitations by posing personalities.  I see it in how cool their blogs are, and their Twitter posts and all the rest.  And I’m not impressed.  Good guys, great ladies, absolutely.  Innovation: where is it? Have I missed it?

So here’s my question, “Where have all the innovative leaders gone?  Are they out there?  Are you one of them?”  Maybe I’m just old, and deaf, and can’t see.  Help me out.  Give me some suggestions on where we can find some truly innovative leaders.

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