Who is the best decision-maker in a marriage: a man, or a woman? Today on the David & Paula Show

Today on the David and Paula Show we will talk about decisions. Who makes them?  Why? And how?  Is it the man who makes all the decisions and then lets his wife in on it, or is it a collaborative effort where they talk about it, think about it, pray about it?  How do you make the big decisions in your marriage, and do you have war stories about decisions that have been made without really getting on the same page?

If you want to know how wildly successful married people make great decisions that leverage their future and keep the peace in the present, join us on the David and Paula Show this morning at 10:00 Central time.

Just click this link and join us at 10 AM Central.  If you miss the show today you can go to iTunes and subscribe.  Just search for the David and Paula Show. Carry it with you on your mp3-player and listen during your commute to work, or together with your mate at the end of a challenging day.

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