Who Will You See Today?

If you’re like me, each and every day, countless numbers of people come in and out of your sight-path. I see lots of people. But today, stop and ask yourself this question: What do you see when you really see the people around you?

Do you see a husband who’s lost his wife to cancer, or a man deep in the throes of shame over an affair?

Do you see a young single mother struggling to raise her child on restaurant wages? Do you see that executive worried that his name will be the last one mentioned in the next round of lay-offs?

Do you see the guy at the cleaners, at the grocery, or where you get your car serviced? How about the woman at the phone store, who you know is never having a good day because all people do is complain? When was the last time you ever heard someone praise the phone company for great service? Even if we get it, we’ve come to expect it.abused-sad-child

Here’s one of the amazing things about Jesus. When Jesus saw people, he saw into them. He didn’t stop at the outward, he looked into their eyes. And while you aren’t Jesus and neither am I, you’d be amazed at what you can tell about a person if you look into their eyes, their facial expression. You can see people who are hurting, or wounded; who are tired and troubled on the inside. And today maybe it’s your turn to go just beyond what you see, down deep into what you really see – the hurt, or the pain. Maybe you’re the person to give a word of kindness and encouragement to lift that person up.

I am a Christian. And as a follower of Jesus, I am interested in this worldwide movement to turn the entire world into Jesus followers. But really, let’s be honest. God can do all that without us. He was doing fine before we got here, and He’ll be doing great when we’re gone.

The question is this: What am I supposed to be doing today that only I can do? Answer? Be in the moment and truly see into the hearts of those around you.

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