Why Gateway Computers Never Worked on Purpose

Have you ever thought something was just you? This is such a pervasive feeling. I think the whole economy is built on the idea.

helpOver the years I’ve owned 4 Gateway computers. All of them were the latest and greatest when I bought them. And all of them had great features on them that didn’t work; that I couldn’t figure out. I had too much pride to really do much about it because I thought it was just me. Now I look back and realize those features didn’t work for anyone. So I wonder if Gateway or some other merchants don’t just simply say, “You know what, let’s put this stuff on there, advertise it, it won’t work, their pride will keep them from asking for help. And they’ll just figure it’s them.”

So here’s my point. If your pride is keeping you from asking for help and you assume it’s just you and you’re going to live with it, wake up. Ask for help. It isn’t just you. We’re all broken. We’re all messed up. We’re all lonely. We don’t know how to work the machine. Things don’t work all the time. God never intended for you to just say, “You know what, it’s just me. Everyone has it together except me.” If you continue that attitude, you will be broken. You will be dis-eased the rest of your life.

We’re all broken. We all need each other. Ask for help. Pick up the phone. Dial the number. Not an email, not a text, a face-to-face, swallow your pride and humble yourself. Reach out and accept the help that you so desperately need.

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