Why We Resist Bullies

There’s one thing I have all most no toleration for; and that’s bullies. You know, they’re everywhere.  They’re in the church, at work, and even at home:  people who yell and tell and sell their way through life, ignoring the fact that relationships are really important, particularly if you’re trying to influence another person.

Bullies don’t want to take the time to help me process the new information and make the changes it might require.  They don’t look for ways to make a hard change easier.  They are impatient, they push, they use authority, position, and power to make me give them what they want.

Here is another idea.  Instead of telling people what they ought to do, maybe you should show them what they ought to do by example.  And here is another thing.  We are attracted to people with the heart of a teacher; people who have our best in mind; people who are not so much interested in their power and authority over us as they are in helping us set free and live the life of our dreams by empowering us to ask ourselves the right questions and to make the changes that make sense to us.

Remember, we resist bullies.  So if you try to use command and control to get people to do what you want, you’re going to constantly be weary, worn-out, and confused as to why your way is not working


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