Women Aren’t Worth as Much as Men?

Often I hear people longing for the good old days; days in which the internet, global commerce, and economic downturn were just ideas and concepts we studied in school.  And while I agree, there are some things in the past that we’ve lost that we should have kept, there are an awful lot of things that are dead and gone, or are they?

For several generations in this country there was an unwritten law.  And that is that men were somehow worth more than women.  Men were stronger, smarter, could handle pressure, and a thousand other things better than women; that women were somehow inferior, but necessary especially when it comes to sex.

Fast-forward to the modern day with the rise of porn and masturbation, sex is now something that you can do by yourself, alone.  One of the saddest pictures of the 21st century man is as a figure hunched over a computer screen making love to himself.  How sick, and how sad.

But one of the things that has changed for the better is that we have come to understand how valuable women are, that even in the military in combat, women can indeed perform equally well and in some cases, far superior to their male counterparts.  Yea ladies!

While attitudes and opinions have changed, here’s what doesn’t seem to have changed much: and that is the innate belief within women that they are not worth as much as a man.

How do I know that?  I see it constantly in one supreme compromise that women in America are making and for which they’re paying a heavy price.  What is it?  Sex outside of marriage; cohabitation with the promise one day of marriage, but no commitment by the man.

Why is it that good, smart, beautiful, strong women believe in their heart that they are so inferior to men that they are willing to trade their bodies; their beauty, femininity, the sacredness of who they are as God created them to gratify the sexual appetite and fantasies of a man not worthy to carry their shoes?

If the title of this blog offended you, good!  Then you get it!  But ladies – single, married, divorced – stay out of bed!  Kick the guy out.  Tell him to move out if you’re giving away one of the most precious things you have (your sexuality) to gratify a man who will never commit to you as you deserve.  Kick him out.  Hold yourself to a higher standard. You might be amazed at what happens.

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