Working for the Weekend: Why Can’t it be Different?

There are three basic issues in life, it seems to me.

  • The internal me who struggles to be happy, whole, and excited about who I am and where I am.
  • The relational me, the personal me, how I deal with navigating the relationships in my life.
  • The public me, my work.

Since we spend so much time in our work life, why aren’t we enjoying it more.  Are we?  The people I am talking to seem to be caught in a catch-22.  One, they are glad to have a job, even if it is not a job they love or feel particularly rewarded by.  Or they have lost a job and hesitate to go back to an industry or career for which they have no passion.

I just finished reading a book called Crush It! Easy read, simple idea, said in a fresh new way, “Find your passion and have fun the rest of your life.”

Working was meant to be fun, I’m convinced of it.  It wasn’t meant to be difficult, drab and boring.  But boy, howdy,  is the space in which we work changing!  And changing for the better for those who have a passion: a passion to help people, a passion to lift, to love, to help other people get the life they want.

Here is my challenge.  Maybe you don’t have any fun at work because you don’t see how what you do is connected to helping other people get what they want and need in life.

You can never be great doing mindless, pointless work.  You need to know that what you’re doing makes a difference in the life of another person.

Here’s what I’d like to hear.  Some of you tell me what you do, and why you love it and have fun doing it; so much fun that “retirement” doesn’t even enter into the equation.

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