You’re Not Broke; You’re Just Misaligned

You’re going to think I am telling you a lie, but here it is, straight from the hip:  I had 80,000 miles on the first set of tires on my truck.  Hard to believe, until you realize that number one, I had great tires.  And number two, I had them aligned more than once.  The dealership promised it would be worth it, and they were right.

What I found is true for tires is true for life, true for marriage, true for any relationship.  We think our marriage is broke.  It isn’t.  We’re just in misalignment.  We’ve left the same page and there is friction being created by both of us pulling in different directions.

You want a quick fix?  Here’s how you do it.  Take what you believe and translate that into how you ought to behave, look at how you do behave, and the gap between those is your growth curve.  Bring your life into alignment with what you believe. In other words, believe and behave.  Do that until you feel the kind of feelings you want, and get the kind of results you desire.

Remember, you will not feel your way into acting.  But you can act your way into feeling.  And the first start is by believing  and aligning your life up behind what you believe.  Jesus said it this way, “Why call me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

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