You May Have the Right, But Are You Qualified?

As I read blogs, particularly about people who blog about spiritual and religious matters, one thing becomes crystal clear.  A lot of people are talking about things they have absolutely no understanding of.

Almost unlike any other discipline in society, religion is something that so many people consider their opinion equal to truth. We wouldn’t do that in science, finance, or medicine.  Yes, everyone has the right to their opinion, but not everyone is qualified to present that opinion as fact.

For those of you commenting about the Bible, Jesus, God, and things that are spiritual, be very careful that what you’re talking about is something you are qualified to talk about. I am not talking about moral qualifications as much as I am honest, intellectual pursuits.   There are people among us who have spent years and years of academic life pursuing the truth about the nature of the Scriptures, the veracity of the claims of Christ, and the nature of salvation.

Even these good people disagree, but at least they are qualified.  They’ve disciplined, they’ve paid the price to be able to speak into your life.  You may have a right to your opinion, but that’s all it is. You may not be qualified to speak on the subject in public and influence other people – maybe in the direction of error.

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