You Tell Stories for a Living, Did You Know That?

No matter what you do in life, whether you are a professional, in the service industry, or a teacher, your level of success will be determined by your ability to tell interesting stories really well.

Life is about story, adventure, journey.  It’s about not only experiencing for yourself, but interfacing with other people who help you along that journey and give you better ways to experience your life.

So ask yourself: Am I telling really interesting stories; stories about my product, my service?  And am I doing it really really well?  It takes both.

If your career is stuck, maybe it’s not the work itself. Maybe it’s that you’ve lost the joy and the passion of telling the story of what it is you do, the help you offer, the solution you believe in.  Or maybe you still believe in it but you’re not taking the time to tell your story really well.  Is it compelling?  Does it incite, inspire, encourage, even outrage at times?

Your life might be improved, your career even saved if you realize that your job is to tell interesting stories really, really well.

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