Your Faith is Weak for a Reason

It’s heartbreaking to talk to so many people who confess that their faith is weak.  It’s not what they want and it’s not what they want to settle for, but oftentimes they don’t know how to move from where they are to where they want to be.

I’ve found that there are several reasons the life Jesus promises seems to not be working for you.  Here are a few.

  1. Jesus doesn’t want you to admire Him.  I think a lot of people just admire the information, admire the life of Jesus, the results of what he said and what He’s done.  And even after 2,000 years, over a billion people on the planet worship Him.
  2. The church attendance is spotty and the church involvement is zero. We forget as Christians that going to church, serving, giving, and building the Kingdom of God is not an option.  It isn’t something you just get up and say, “I just don’t feel like going.”  It’s not a club, not the Boy Scouts, it’s not Rotary.  It’s life and death.
  3. There’s no such thing as Lone Ranger Christians. You know who you are; the people who don’t go to church, are not connected to any group, just kind of winging it alone.  They justify it by the fact that they’ve been hurt in a church or by group of people who have let them down and so they brag and just say that they can pray and read the Bible at home.  Even if that were true, most don’t.
  4. Another reason your faith can be weak is the fact that you don’t nurture it. You don’t feed it.  You don’t pray, you don’t dig into the Scriptures, you don’t engage in conversation, you don’t serve, you don’t give, you don’t see life change.  All of these things require your faith to grow and get stronger.

Your faith is just like your body.  If you don’t exercise it, or feed it, or give it water when it’s thirsty it will shrivel up.

If you say, “My faith is weak,” re-read this article and take action.

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