Your Good Must be True

One of my life missions is to advance the good.  The difficulty oftentimes is not understanding what the good is, but the advancing part.

Here is the bottom line.  Just because your good is true, doesn’t mean that you can use any means available to advance your good. The moment your good becomes the slave to the immediate, the practical, the doable, or even the possible, it ceases to be true.

The main reason I am today, after 38 years, still a deeply passionate follower of Jesus is because I am a truth-seeker.  I found Christ on a search for truth, I’ve been a truth-seeker from that time to this, and I still believe that any honest, open seeker of truth will end up at Jesus.

The problem is, an awfully lot of people who say they believe the same thing use any means possible to advance the good this truth can produce.  So as a result, we end up with abortion doctors being murdered by so-called Christians, church splits, sexual scandals, money laundering, and on and on the list can go.

No matter how frustrated you are that the truth is being lost in our current dialogue, remember this.  There is only one defender of truth; and that is God.  He doesn’t need your tactics to make up for something that is deficient in the truth. Remember Jesus did say, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  The truth will ultimately win out, not only in the apocalypse at the end of the world, but today, tomorrow, next week, and ten years from now.  Just make sure that your good is true, and your true is good.

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