A Turkey With No Exit Strategy

On my six-mile run today I was interrupted by a turkey trying to cross the road.  Here is a picture of the fence he was trying to climb. Not only was there a bank that was five feet tall, the fence was totally intact. The turkey had come from a clear field onto the road without thinking about how he was going to exit.

The turkey was in a panic, running up and down the side of the road, even at times in the middle of the road, and finally going back from whence he came.  And I thought, “I know a lot of people just like that.  They’ve gotten into something for which they have no exit strategy.”

Here’s what I’ve learned: All good things come to an end. The best of things come to an end.  Even if they are productive and healthy for a long period of time, they will indeed come to an end.

The question before the house is, “When things are going badly, and you see the end, do you have an exit strategy? Or are you going to wait like this turkey and just run out into the middle of the road, hoping to climb whatever bank and fence stares you in the face only to have to run up and down the middle of a highway in danger of being run over?

Here’s what I’ve learned:  It’s better to heed the warning signs and exit early, than to wait and die.

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