Christmas is More Than You Think

Today @ The Gathering we completed our series, “Yea God” with a talk entitled, “Yea God; You Love Outsiders and Underdogs.” If you think Christmas is not an epic idea that has revolutionized the world, you need to think again.

Today we talked about why the ultimate insider, Jesus Christ, appeared on the ultimate outside, both in the manger and in a garbage pit; one in His birth, one in His death, and also an empty tomb.  These are epic ideas that have shaped the world in which we live.  The question is, is it shaping yours?  Have these profound ideas and the realities they bring into focus really captured your life and set you free to make something of yourself?

God not only knows you and sees you; He cares.  And He’s proven it in the Christmas story.

One thought on “Christmas is More Than You Think”

  1. Interesting, our pastor touched upon this as he shared how Jesus was born in a stable among shepherds. Who would understand the outside more than a community of people that the government would label “section 8 housing.” A community that the world has set aside as we did the native Indians in years gone by. But God loved us so much his son was birthed among a community much like our, at Kirkpatrick. I asked a friend at breakfast this morning, “Could it be that churches of today have become temples of old, also refusing to believe that God gave his son for those on the “outside.” Breaks my heart how we fail to learn from our mistakes. Would love to meet you some day.

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