Christmas is Not About Giving

I don’t know about you, but this year I’m not hearing a whole lot of “Merry Christmas,” or even “Happy Holiday.”  Maybe it’s because we’re tired; tired of the bad news, tired of pep-talks, the cliche`s, tired of those who have nothing more to say than just, “Hang in there, suck it up, and be good.”

This weekend @ The Gathering as we continue our series, “Yea God,” we’re going to talk about an aspect of Christmas you might have forgotten, or not even known.  And it’s the timing aspect.

More than just about giving, Christmas is about divine timing; God doing something that He had promised to do millennia before He got around to doing it.  How does that inform our faith?  What does it say to us in our world of quick fixes and overnight success?

If you’re sick and tired of sucking it up, sick and tired of waiting without a sense of anticipation, ah that’s the secret, isn’t it?  That’s what makes Christmas morning for many of us, that very special day of the year – anticipation.  But anticipating what? We’ll talk more about it this weekend @ The Gathering.

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