Dave Rave – 5 Ways We Win

daveraveI’ve never met a person who didn’t want to win.  I’ve met an awful lot of people who are confused about what it takes to win.

Here are the five ways, dimensions, or areas of your life in which you need to win to truly be winning.

  1. Winning with God.  A life that is void of your Creator’s blessing is not winning.  To truly win at life God’s way, you need to know that all is right with God and that you understand what He both expects and promises.
  2. Winning with you.  There is no winning outside of good, healthy relationships.  Whether it’s marriage, family, or friends, people make the hard work worth it.  There is no winning if I am at odds with the people around me.
  3. Winning with me.  This means that I know that I’m living up to my potential, that I am doing my best making good choices.  While it is true you can’t earn God’s love, you must earn your own self-respect.
  4. Winning with my mind.  This means that every single day I am learning and growing.  I am not wasting the opportunities to get smarter in what I do.  While things change, I too can change because I can get greater information and insight.
  5. Winning beyond my life. This means I am leaving a legacy, something that will live way beyond me.  That means my winning must matter.  It must be more than more for me.  It must in some way connect to helping, lifting, and building others.

Are you winning in these five different dimensions of your life? All of them are essential.  Use them as a discussion starter with your team, with your family, or in your marriage. You might be surprised by what you hear.

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