David’s Tweets for 2009-11-29

  • How many sad married people will sit in churches today hiding the disappointment of a marriage dipped in silence. #
  • Here is what's we’ll be doing at The Gathering today
    http://ow.ly/GM47 #
  • My biggest disappointment in marriage is the pain I’ve cause my wife. #
  • Join The Gathering live NOW http://ow.ly/GMv3 #
  • I will not be afraid to be a man, a man of God who is both tender and tough! #
  • With God's help, I will be the man my wife deserves and the father my children expect me to be! #
  • Join The Gathering live NOW http://ow.ly/GMvK #
  • Beyond disappoint there is delight. The path to it is the way of trust. #
  • "Life will relentlessly and without warning
    let you down, but God never will." #
  • runnin from the pohlice to watch muh Titans quest fo anotha win! #
  • No man will ever be made better by a nagging wife! #

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