David’s Tweets for 2009-12-02

  • MARCHING ORDERS: Encourage one another and build each other up–PERIOD. THIS IS JOB ONE! #
  • Guard yourself against the draining affect of negative people. #
  • Either you will learn something today or you won't. Learn and grow. Refuse to learn and stay stuck #
  • Today is another gift. I have only 4 to-dos; know God, love God, love what God loves, and do what God is blessing! let's roll!!! #
  • Do you treat the people closest you the best? If not why not? #
  • want to be great? Dare to fail big, then stick around to pick up the pieces! #
  • Why is it that we pray for God to do great things for us, then resist the very changes necessary for Him to do so? #
  • If I win at home, I can win anywhere. First things first! #
  • Without a changeless core, you will live a shallow and small life characterized by fear and hate. #
  • Everything is useful. Even the most painful. #
  • Everything is connected. Public, private, and personal are all interconnected. #
  • http://read.ly/Prov25.11.niv #
  • http://read.ly/Isa45.6.niv #

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