Doing Today What You’ll Be Glad You Did Tomorrow

We finished our “Moneyology” series today, the last installment on how to save and invest for the long term.

It sounds odd to be talking about saving and investing in church.  It’s only true because of the woeful neglect we’ve given to teaching the biblical concepts of money, abundance and truly God-blessed achievement.

Today we talked about the four principles of investing: withholding, willingness, watering, and waiting. We also talked about the three areas in which you should gladly and consistently invest; particularly those areas that bring about the most long term benefit.

One of the greatest days is when you wake up to realize that you’re not just a consumer, you’re not just a debtor, but you are, before a good and generous God, a wise manager. The day you embrace the fact that there is one source in many resources is the day your job, your friends, the economy, or anything else will lose its strangle-hold on your joy, your happiness, and ultimately your future.

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