Everywhere I Go, There They Are

I was standing in line at one of my favorite places (Starbucks) and a guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “Are you Dr. David Foster?”  And I turned around and said, “Yes, I am THE Dr. David Foster.”  And this big smile comes across his face and he says, “I know you.  And I need to tell you something.”

Those things put together scared me just a little.  But here’s the story he told.  He and his wife had been part of a church start that I had led, and he had been a part of the years when we met in a school – 10 years worth.

He related how much they had enjoyed the church, especially working with children. That my wife who was our children’s director, had really made a big impression on them, and that both of them serve as children’s pastors in a great, growing church.

He said, “I’ve never taken the time to thank you for changing my life, for leading and inspiring, and making us believe we could do something important with our lives.”

It’s always a great day when you hear that kind of story, but I have to tell you that I hear it all the time.  So here is my learning.  Give your life away. Write a mission statement that begins with these two words, “to help.”  Live it.  Believe in it.  Don’t let skeptics and small-minded people keep you from it.  Love people.  Take a challenge.  Pour your life out. Be generous. And it will continuously come back to you. And the people with big smiles and “thank you’s” will find you in every Starbucks you go.

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