FMBS 010 Not Everyone Can Do What You Can Do

We began in Romans 14 in our study, this week, with really practical teaching on Christian liberty.

Too often in an effort to live Christian-ly we end up judging each other over the things that we can and cannot do and maintain our Christian testimony.

The truth of the matter is, not everyone can do what everyone else can do.  And not everything that is sinful or unwise is true for everyone.  There’s not one blanket statement, unless of course you’re talking about the principles and the absolutes of the faith.

And even those sometimes are up for debate.  But I think we can agree that adultery, lying, greed, gossip, bitterness, back-biting, and taking the Lord’s name in vain are all things to be avoided.  They lead to no good place.

But what about the other things such as what you eat, what you wear, the Holy days and festivals you observe, things you abstain from – one person’s a vegetarian, while other people love bacon.  How can we all be right when we have to make moral decisions about these questionable habits?  It’s called Christian liberty and maturity.  And that’s what we delve into and get insights on today in Romans 14.

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