FMBS 031 John 14 The One Thing God Demands From You

No matter how long you’ve been walking with God, or how sophisticated your knowledge, or how complete your experience, you’ll never get beyond one single demand.

What demand is that? It’s not moral perfection, or doctrinal sophistication.  It’s not faithful church attendance, or the willingness to be nice to each other.  It’s the one thing without which your life without God is not possible.  It’s simply this.  Jesus demanded that we trust Him.  Of all the beautiful things that are promised in this chapter – Heaven, the Holy Spirit, fruitfulness, blessing, peace of mind, the purposeful life – none of it can be accessed through effort, through family, or through business achievement.  All of it hinges on your ability to trust God, to test God and take Him at His word.  This is what He demands.  And on this, He will not compromise.

But if you can trust Him, all things open up. The world gets bigger.  His promises drop into place.  Listen to them as we study together in our Friday Morning Bible Study.

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